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“Can I pay someone to take my online class?”

At Take My Online Class Now, the answer is yes! Our service links the best online class helpers in the business with online students who are struggling to complete their online degree or who do not have the time to complete their work because of other obligations. Our tutors can complete your homework, discussions, quizzes, tests, midterms, finals, essays, labs, case studies, and more! We provide assistance with every subject in the college curriculum: Math, Science, Humanities, Languages, Engineering, Nursing, Finance & Accounting, and more! There is no subject we cannot help with.

Are you struggling to complete a prerequisite class because you have to spend extra time on subjects that actually matter for your degree? Then don’t take them! Let us take them for you! Having completed thousands and thousands of courses for students at hundreds of universities across the country, our tutors are experts at maneuvering through course websites and submitting all work on time. It’s because of commitment like this that we can offer the best money-back guarantee in the whole industry. If you do not receive an A or B average overall by the time your order is complete, we will refund your payment or offer you credit for an assignment or class of equal value. Unlike our competitors which are based overseas, we are accountable. Let us give you some more reasons to choose us.

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Take My Online Class Now provides the best academic work possible. Whether you come to us saying, “take my online class, or do my homework for me, or write my essay, or give me math homework answers,” we promise top quality work. Over 95% percent of students who sign up with our service receive an A as their final grade. Our tutors want you to reach the top of your class, because they know that you deserve to experience success. We understand that not every student has the time to spend so much attention on certain classes; they have families or jobs they have to attend to. Our service is designed to help them. When you sign up with our service, you get a final product that will impress you and your professor both. You may even get on the honor roll!

There is no reason to let bad grades get in the way of you and your future plans. It is not for laziness that students come to us; it is because they have genuine issues that prevent them from doing their work. Our job is to protect these students from failure that their universities don’t care if they experience. Clients who come to us say, “If I pay someone to take my class, I want the best.” We give them the best.


One of the best things about our service is our customer support team. Both our sales team and our course managers are available every single day from nine in the morning to midnight. You can contact them day or night, by phone or by email, to talk about your order or to remind them of an upcoming assignment. We will be glad to learn more about your situation and help you get on the path to success. Our team is composed of experts in the online class help field. We have been doing this for longer than anyone else and you can count on us to understand your needs and make sure that every assignment submitted supports your success. Unlike our competitors who are based overseas in countries like the Philippines, our service is based right here in the US. When you speak with someone, you will be speaking with someone who understands academic standards in the states and who, most importantly, speaks the language! No more talking to people to whom you can’t get your message across. When you tell us, “take my online class, or do my homework for me, or write my essay,” that is exactly what we will do!


At Take My Online Class Now, we take your money seriously. We know that budgets are tight for college students, which is why we always provide fair deals and transparency as to where your money is going. We will never change your online class login credentials without your permission and we will not store your information for future sale purposes. Personal information is not saved and is entered anew each time you sign up with us. If you have any questions at all about this process, call our support team and learn about makes us different. Also, you will not have to worry about your school picking up IP addresses logging in from foreign countries. All of our tutors are based in the states and can even use a VPN to make sure that the logins match your location. There is no threat of getting in trouble with us!


When you sign up with Take My Online Class Now, perhaps the best thing that you get is the peace of mind that you can leave your assignments alone, because a qualified tutor is there to handle all the work for you. The process is so simple. All you have to do is send us your school login credentials and we will take it from there. Our tutors will sign in and complete the work according to the deadlines set in the website. Voila! That’s it! No tricks or catches. It doesn’t matter if you sign up for an assignment due tomorrow or even tonight; our tutors are available and ready to get it done. Need a reliable essay writing service? We have that and so much more! We can write term papers in a matter of days and make sure that they are good enough to get you moving on the path to success.

Take My Online Class is ready to take your class right now! Whether you need a solid test-taking or quiz-taking service, or the best essay writing service around, we are exactly the people you should be contacting! There is no reason to wonder any longer, “Can I pay someone to take my online class? The answer is right in front of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Take My Online Class for Me?

We will find someone to take any class, do any assignment, and ace your semester! Take My Online Class can help you:

  • Achieve career advancement with top notch grades in ALL your online classes.
  • Help you find a reliable, affordable company to complete online coursework
  • Complete your undergraduate and graduate programs, diploma in hand.

Become competitive in your degree field by receiving a guaranteed high grade in any class when you sign up with one of the legitimate businesses recommended by Take My Online Class!

Our Guarantee:

We’ll recommend a company, program, expert or professor who will devote personal time, meet your every deadline and ace the courses you want taken for you. When Take My Online Class gets involved, it’s an easy, straightforward, flexible deal. We only recommend real businesses that take care of your needs: be it just one or all of your classes, exams, essays or homework assignments. Some of these online class helpers will even complete your discussion posts! We can find you a company to take anything from last-minute projects to your nail-biting 18-hour semester. With our help, you will find the right service to meet any and every course requirement for your online and offline classes, with 100% security, no plagiarism, and legitimate, US-based help.

“Take My Online Class is the best thing that has happened to me since getting into college. I only wish I had found them sooner. Their company comparison tool made my life so much less complicated… I missed school due to illness and my grades plummeted. An expert in business took over immediately. They were professional and competent. Since calling Take My Online Class, my grades have continued to rise.” -Liza H

What Is Take My Online Class?

Take My Online Class is a group of professionals devoted to helping students save money and simplify their lives. Need more time to get everything done? Most students do – we make this possible by giving you back time; so that you can maintain your demanding responsibilities or exotic lifestyle outside of your university’s painstaking academic curriculum. We do the detective work to find out who is behind the most popular, successful and upcoming online class-taking services available to students, and what kind of service they provide.

We do comparisons on: full pricing, payment plans, grade promises, and most importantly, legitimacy comparisons to grade the companies that will be getting grades for you. Undergraduate and Graduate-level course-taking services are our specialty, and we make sure that each company meets the grade guarantee that they promise you. Once you compare companies, pick one through Take My Online Class and we’ll make it simple for you: by getting you the best rate possible at the company of your choosing. You only pay for the grades you get, and we’ll hold your money safely in escrow. That way, if your company does not deliver the grade you agreed on, it’s simple: you get your money back.

“My daughter was having trouble with her college algebra course. I’m so happy I found Take My Online Class. Our personal class broker arranged for an expert to meet the deadlines, worked with my grade needs, one-on-one calls with my daughter anytime we were worried about online assignments. Her grades are higher than ever.” -Jane K.

Our Story

When the world economy crashed in 2008, thousands of students’ grades suddenly tanked due to the added pressure of needing to work while attending college. Many hard-working students, adult professionals and parents were forced to turn to foreign class-taking services to try to salvage their grades in classes they simply no longer had time to study for. These un-trackable scammer services are also unaccountable: they have stolen countless dollars and good grades from many students in need.

A group of college professionals decided to help students survive the tough education system, so that working students would no longer fall prey to false companies GPA scams, and could safely emerge from college with high grades and competitive resumes. Take My Online Class holds scammers accountable, and offers students the chance to find a good service, so that they can still be competitive when they graduated in these unpredictably difficult modern times.

Life is unpredictable. Our goal: help students beat the unnecessary pitfalls of meeting the requirements at modern American universities. By using Take My Online Class, you have security: you can compare prices and shop for a good company that is guaranteed to get you the grade you want in your class, quiz, test, exam, essay, or any assignment you choose to take with one of the companies we recommend.

Why? Everyone needs a backup plan when life gets tough. Take My Online Class has a long record of successful class-taking help for students who do not want to let a potential bad grade in a tough course ruin their GPA. Students at accredited universities, both online and offline, go to to find professional, original work to turn in to their professors.

“After missing the drop/add deadline, and needing a full-time job to make ends meet, I set about looking for someone that would accommodate my busy lifestyle and be sympathetic to the fact that I had so many deadlines to meet in such a short time. I am thrilled to have found something even better. Take My Online Class recommended an American company that does everything, they take the time to explain everything to me, and makes sure I don’t have to keep track of the deadlines. Now I know I’ll reach my academic goals.” -Ashley S.

What Can Take My Online Class Do for You?

Take My Online Class negotiates with service providers on the following services:

  • Full-Service Class Package* (Best Deal!!!)
  • Emergency Deadline Package**
  • Essay Package
  • Exam Package
  • Homework Package
  • Discussion Post Package

*Our Full-Service Class Package means the selected service will take the complete class. Essays, projects, homework and exams are all on them, under our watchful eye.

**Emergency Deadlines include any last-minute assignments.

“Take My Online Class found someone to take over my Spanish prerequisite when I started failing. Now I have an A, and I am not afraid to show interviewers my full resume.” -Lamar W.

How Does Take My Online Class Work?

At Take My Online Class, we make sure that you have a top-notch service take personal care of your classes. We have specials on many undergraduate and graduate-level packages!

  • Nursing Programs
  • Math Programs
  • Business Programs
  • Engineering Programs
  • Foreign Language Programs
  • Medical Programs
  • Science Programs
  • Liberal Arts Programs
How Much Does Take My Online Class Cost?

Nothing! Our quotes are free. We exist as a mediator: to help you negotiate the best price with your online class help provider. Once you’ve selected your provider, pricing is flexible and we will make sure services work with you for an easy rate, payable in installments. We don’t charge extra fees to break it down for you, either. We keep things simple so that you can have a truly easy A!

“The deciding factor for me was the escrow holding account. Take My Online Class guaranteed that the people I used raised my grades significantly – and the best part? I never had to worry about whether or not I was being scammed. The group came recommended!” -Alex A.

What Classes Can Take My Online Class Help Me With?

Click the following links to check out each course offering for your degree program: high school, undergraduate, or graduate.

  • College Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Pre-med
  • Astronomy
  • Psychology
  • English
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Pre-law
  • History
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian

“The service from Take My Online Class was outstanding. They found a service for me where an actual Accountant took my Accounting course. He earned all A’s from start to finish, and met every deadline. The payment options were tailored to my specific needs. I recommend Take My Online Class as a safe and affordable way to improve your GPA for any student feeling the stress of school challenges with their busy lives.” -Mark K.

Who Takes My Online Class?

Each service is different: so we audit them to make sure that subject matter experts and professors will take your online class. Top companies are screened for the quality of their professionals, and their identities kept private to ensure that every precaution is taken when we take your class.

Guaranteed A or B!

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