10 Types Of Freshmen You Meet In College: Which One Are You?

10 Types Of Freshmen You Meet In College: Which One Are You?

As you enter college, you’re bound to meet many different people. People from all walks of life. You’ll be friends and classmates with a few. And, you’re likely to be annoyed by a few. Who knows, the ones you found annoying initially, may turn out to be your BFFs later on.

Irrespective of your major or university, you’re sure to come across these ten types of freshmen in college. Do you identify yourself as any of them?

The Straight A’s Student

This is the person who’s always on top of class since day one. They come prepared to class with notes and questions and stay back to fraternize with the teaching faculty. This person doesn’t play around and has their eyes on the final goal – to graduate top of the class.

The Student Who Was Forced To Go To College

This person doesn’t want to be here. The only reason they’re attending school is that they were forced to do so by their parents. They simply don’t want to stay stuck up in the education system for four more years. They rarely care about their grades or attendance, and they just go through the motions without any interest.

They keep wondering, “Can I pay someone to take my online class?” Luckily for these students, they can hire online class takers to complete their schoolwork, get good grades and finish their degree, even though they have no interest in it.

The Party Animal

This kid is pretty wild. They stay up till the wee hours partying. You often wonder whether they ever eat or sleep, for all you’ve seen them do is party from dusk till dawn.

The One Who Knows Everyone

They know everyone in college, from the faculty to volunteers. They are super-friendly and make for a good friend to show you the best places to eat around campus.

The Future Entrepreneur

Every freshman class has an entrepreneur. You can see them pursuing their business idea or vision without caring about the school work. They are busy networking and trying to rope in investors to fund their idea.

The Star Athlete

This kid comes to school only to pursue a career in their dream sport. If they are not training, you can see them attending university games or interacting with the coaches.

The Rich One

The Rich One

No one knows exactly how loaded this kid is, but everyone knows that this kid has super-rich parents. While everyone is scrambling for part-time jobs on campus, this kid is busy uploading photos of their yacht party on Instagram.

The Part-Timer

This kid is just the opposite of the rich one. They’re always trying to make ends meet. They do so many part-time roles that it basically becomes a full-time job. It’s a wonder how they have the energy or time to complete schoolwork.

The Cultured One

You can easily spot this kid as they are the most refined one in class. After a semester of studying abroad, they’ve returned with an accent and posh habits.

The One In A Relationship

They always have to check with their significant other before deciding anything. They’re always together that they are practically treated as a unit by their classmates.

So, how many of these types of kids have you come across in your freshman year? And, which one is you?