3 Ways to Be Effective at Anything

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Acting effectively is an underrated but important skill. When faced with any situation in life, slow down and ask yourself: “Am I effective right now?” Doing this can help you stay on track and solve problems. For instance, if you’re driving and another driver swerves in front of you, you should slow down and let the other driver move ahead as this is what an effective individual would do; they definitely wouldn’t get caught up in the moment.

Similarly, cramming too many things into your brain the night before an exam isn’t effective. Setting aside an hour each day to learn and complete assignments, now that’s effective and sensible too. If you’re an online student who’s jumping from one deadline to the next, here are a few tips that can help you study effectively:

1. Work in Short Bursts:

We’ve discussed the Pomodoro Technique in our previous blogs. This method involves focusing on a task for 20 minutes before taking a 5-minute break. But what if focusing for 20 minutes doesn’t work for you? To understand your concentration capacity, start a simple task like reading or drawing. Set a timer and indicate how long it took before your mind started to wander. This is a proven technique that has helped countless individuals achieve goals.

2. It’s Alright to Leave Something Unfinished:
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It’s been said that uninterrupted concentration can help you remember things. No wonder students cram information before they take exams. The Zeigarnik Effect challenges this notion. Lithuanian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik observed that the mind is better at remembering unfinished tasks than finished tasks. For some reason, human beings are inclined to remember things that aren’t finished, and once things are finished they’re able to move on productively.

3. Do Not Take on More Than You Can Handle:

It’s good when you can take on additional responsibilities, but biting off more than you can chew will only slow you down. Everyone has their limitations; it’s important to learn what yours are. Know when to delegate work so you can focus on the important things. For example, if you are busy at work or unwell, hire class help online from Take My Online Class Now. All you have to do is call us and ask: “Can you take my class?”