4 Common Study Techniques Using Memory Erasure

Studying is a vital part of excelling at online colleges. But did you ever realize that some study techniques you might follow make it more difficult for you to memorize what you have learned?

If you spot one of your bad habits on this list, change your study habits immediately to boost your memory.

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Scheduling break-free study sessions

Unlike traditional students, online students can study at their own pace. They can even schedule their own study sessions at anytime and anywhere. I suggest that plan flexible study sessions. Because excessive marathon study sessions leads to memory erasure. If you study continuously for 3 hours or more, your brain can’t retain the things you have studied. So, refresh your mind for every 1 or 2 hours. If you have planned to linger on a library for 7 hours, take a break for every 90 minutes. This helps to retain the information and keeps you active to learn for a long time.

Setting a strict schedule

I suggest you that, don’t set a strict timetable, but stay on a schedule strictly. Tight agenda won’t take your grades to the next level. The more you remain in your study schedule, the more grades you will earn. Rigid schedules are not realistic and do not work. Apparently, your online classes offer more flexible than traditional colleges. Create and reschedule your study plans weekly, as you do not know when something will pop up.

Studying overnight

Sleep deprivation causes health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, and stroke. It can also lead to worse performance on exams and other course-related assessments. Students who studies overnight for exams earn poor grades than those who do not. Rather than studying from midnight to until 6 am on the exam day, study everyday portions on the same day.

Studying at last-minute

If you have a math exam in three chapters, you might think that you can ace your test by memorizing the material overnight. But, it’s not. This type of memorization is superficial. And it leaves you without a solid understanding of the subject. If you have taken Math class for 2 hours, spend enough time to focus on building a conceptual framework. This enhances your knowledge when you do homework assignments. So you can quickly answer for tricky questions, and you don’t need to stay all night for exams. Rather than memorizing the concept you don’t understand, explore its meaning on the internet. You have a great source (internet) in your hands. So you can search on the Web side by side to look up for meanings, explanations, and definitions.

Avoid memory erasure study techniques. Implement the effective study techniques today, to retain the information better and to get good grades.

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