4 Tech Tools Every Online Class Student Should Know About

Tech Tools

When you attend college online, you might not be able to see your professors or interact with other students in person. But that doesn’t mean you have to be isolated from your classes! Technology can help you stay on top of assignments, communicate with your professors, and even take notes with a few simple tools.

1. Apps & Software To Make Learning Fun

With laptops and tablets replacing textbooks and notebooks, we have to upgrade the way we manage our school and college work too! There are umpteen apps and software that can help you with everything from studying to staying organized. Here is a small table with the top apps to help you through your college years:

Online Classes Collaboration File Sharing Designing & Project Creation Schedule Management & Calendar

Google Classroom

MS Teams



Google Meet







Google Drive

MS OneDrive

iCloud Drive


Adobe Express









2. Good Quality Noise Canceling Headphones

We emphasize on keeping distractions away, and one way to do that is by investing in good quality noise canceling headphones. Not only will they help you focus on your class, they also help you stay comfortable and productive during long sessions.

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3. USB Hubs & Adapters

Charging ports, file transfer, and other USB devices are an integral part of online learning. Laptops these days come with limited ports. So get a good-quality, high-speed USB hub to supplement your current setup. This lets you have all your gadgets fully charged and geared up for another long session of online learning.

4. Wi-fi Extender

Wi-fi Extender

This has become a must-have for every student. Though we all have high-speed internet connections, they hardly seem to be reaching the bedroom or living room. Students are forced to take classes from some noisy corner of the house just to get good network. You can get portable Wi-Fi extenders to solve this problem. They are easily found online and can be plugged into any wall socket and ready to use instantly. They are pretty affordable too.

You can find more tips and tricks by doing a simple search online. Be sure to use the right tools for your course so that you can achieve the best results. They help you stay organized, focused, and on top of all your assignments and projects.

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