4 Things Students Hate about Online Degrees

Are all online students disgruntled with online education? Of course not. In fact, most students rate their online degree programs an A or an A+. Nevertheless, complaints exist. Here are the most common issues:

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1. Disengaged professors

Some online instructors fail to interact with students; there is no communication, feedback or support. So, students might feel online learning is isolating and boring. They sometimes feel their instructors are not particularly interested in neither them nor the instructional process. This leads them to hate learning online and end up quitting the class.

2. Hate the group assignments & team projects

Group projects are about working together towards a common goal. But, some students do not collaborate well with their team. i.e., some do their part on time, and some procrastinate until the last minute to complete their tasks, this affects the entire project and grades.

3. Poor overall quality

To obtain an online degree, students have to gain admission, meet degree requirements, pass exams, find textbooks, and complete a thesis or final project. That means there are lots of places besides the instructional process where the online learning experience can fall apart.

Jessy, an online student, says, “Course materials are great. But, the quality and responsiveness of the tutors vary. Some do not assess assignments as per the grading criteria while others take far too long to grade. Some tutors are active in discussion while others are totally absent.”

4. Poor course design

Online students are noticing problems in the overall quality of course design. Some of them are:

• Some classes are designed to use audio recordings instead of illustrations through visual aids.

• Some course lessons generally consist of reading about a particular subject and doing a few short exercises; you could probably get the same from a textbook.

• Some courses are poorly constructed and inconsistent.

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