5 Helpful Websites & Apps For All College Students

 Helpful Websites & Apps For All College Students

College classes can be overwhelming, especially in your freshman year. You’ve got to learn plenty of new information, and all the while you’ll be learning how to operate as a college student.

The internet is a boon for most college students these days. Yes, it can sometimes be a time-stealer, but it’s a tremendous help when used right. There are tons of sites and apps students can use to do better in their college classes. Whether you’re looking for academic help or you’re searching for a quick dinner recipe, these sites can help you make your college journey a breeze.

Ice Cream Apps Suite

We’re in the era of digital learning. Whether you’re turning in homework, presenting a project, or watching video lectures, you’re working online. Ice Cream offers a vast collection of free apps, including a video editor, a PDF editor, an ebook reader, a PDF converter, a slideshow maker, an image resizer, and a screen recorder. It’s available on both iOS and Android operating systems. These apps can help you with all your coursework, and they’re great for those who struggle with formatting.

Wolfram Alpha

Struggling with difficult homework or a challenging project? Check out Wolfram Alpha, an answer engine that offers better answers than Quora or Yahoo Answers. Type your project question or homework topic in Wolfram Alpha. It’s likely you’ll get a step-by-step solution immediately. Wolfram Alpha is a life-saver, especially for those who are in challenging science and math courses.


Struggling with finding time to attend online classes? Missing out on attendance credits and lowering your grade? There are tons of sites online that can connect you with online class takers. But the problem is that most of these sites are scams. The ones that don’t scam outright deliver poor-quality work. This is where Take My Online Class Now comes in. You can use this site to hire a first-rate online class taker. It’s never been easier to hire class help online, and that’s why most online students are doing so these days.



Do not let spelling and grammatical errors lower your grades. Grammarly is an online spelling and grammar editor that you can install as a browser extension. Whether you’re typing a 1000-word essay or drafting an email to your professor, Grammarly checks your content and alerts you of any mistakes. It also detects the tone of your content, and it’ll help you make your content easier to read. It’s also a plagiarism-checker, and you can use this to see how your content resembles other content online.

One con of Grammarly is that you have to pay for the premium option to access all the features. If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, you can use the free version, though it doesn’t have all the features.

Keep Me Out

Do you find yourself browsing Insta, TikTok, or YouTube when you should be studying? This mobile app is perfect for students who tend to procrastinate. It blocks a few sites of your choice during specific hours. You can still get and make calls. With this app running, you don’t have to worry about falling down the YouTube rabbit hole when you should be working on your homework.

Be more productive and organized as a student with help from these sites and apps. Bookmark the sites so you can access them quickly whenever you need them.