5 Steps To Take After You’ve Missed An Assignment Deadline

Assignment Deadline

A missed deadline almost always comes with consequences, and in online classes this is certainly true. Unlike in traditional classes, there are no repeated reminders about project deadlines or exam due dates. If you fail to submit work within a given time frame, the instructor will either take some points off the top of your grade, or they’ll ask you to fill out a zero slip, wherein you acknowledge that you did not turn in the work on time. Follow these five steps when you’ve missed an assignment deadline, as doing so could save your grade!

1. Communicate Immediately

Communicate Immediately

Communicate with your professor ahead of time, as this will probably get you an extension. But if you don’t do this, speak to the instructor immediately after the deadline is missed. Whether the reason is health-related or because of a technical issue, explain yourself, as doing so will show the instructor you’re not trying to dodge the obvious and make excuses for the late submission.

2. Accept Responsibility

Assignment deadlines make classes orderly. After an assignment deadline passes, it’s a good time to move onto a new subject. Deadlines matter in the real world, and they matter in the academic realm as well. If you have missed a due date, make sure you own up to your mistake and take responsibility. An instructor may grant you an extension for being honest about the missed work.

3. Follow Protocols

Accepting your mistake should be done formally, and students should follow protocols when communicating via emails. Keep the emails brief and polite, and explain the valid reason for the delay. An apology for missing the due date, along with a note of regret, should show you’re a mature individual.

4. Finish The Assignment

Even if the assignment deadline has long passed, ensure that you’re working on completing it; make sure you let your instructor know this. The assignment may not be accepted, but the instructor will appreciate your effort.

5. Seek Help

Many students miss assignment deadlines, and then they face consequences that can tarnish their academic records. If you’re a student who often misses due dates—and you need outside help so you can finish tasks on time—then you should call us and ask: “Can I pay someone to do my online class?” We’ll help you submit all your work on time!