5 Study Hacks To Complete Your Homework Faster

5 Study Hacks To Complete Your Homework Faster

Undergrad life is fantastic. You live in a cool dorm or rent a studio apartment with your friends. It’s your first sweet taste of the freedoms of adult life. If there is one thing that dampens your undergrad life – it’s homework, assignments, and exams. College students have tons of reading and studying to catch up on; it might sometimes feel overwhelming.

Worry not! In this guide, we share smart strategies to make your homework – faster and less painful.

Create A To-Do List

It’s easier to focus on your homework when you’ve got a to-do list. Making a list might seem simple, but it’s a powerful tool that helps you complete your assignments on time. Instead of randomly working on a homework assignment, take a few minutes to list all tasks that you have to complete.

Arrange these tasks in order of priority and work on them one at a time, ticking items off your list as you complete them. Every time you tick an item off your list, it releases a burst of endorphins that give you a sense of accomplishment, motivating you to do more.

Eliminate Distractions

A TikTok notification or a sibling watching Netflix in the next room – distractions are several types. While you cannot control others, you can take control of your study space and habits to eliminate distractions.

Make it a point to turn off all notifications on your phone before you sit to study. Better still, place your phone in another room and don’t look at it until you have completed an item on your checklist. Whether you open the notification or not or take just a quick peek, you’ve lost valuable study time. Your brain needs to refocus, and it becomes incredibly challenging to get back in the zone.

Listen To Classical Music While Studying

We can hear you going, “What, classical music, seriously???” Classical music is an excellent choice for background white noise while studying. There are no fast beats or lyrics to distract your focus. It also masks other noises in the background, helping you focus on your homework assignments. Several studies have demonstrated that students who study with classical music playing in the background complete their tasks quickly and score higher marks on tests.

So, find a great classical playlist on Spotify, power up your speakers & get ready to focus.

Take Breaks Between Each Task

Take Breaks Between Each Task

Taking short breaks can help you recharge your energy and concentrate better. As a result, you can focus for a longer time, allowing you to do more. Approach your homework time like a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) regimen. Study for 40 – 60 minutes, and then take a quick, meaningful break for 10 – 20 minutes. The break should be healthy – say, go for a short walk around the park or do some stretching exercises. Anything that doesn’t make you feel drained out.

Reward Yourself

Homework isn’t fun, but you can make it something that you look forward to by rewarding yourself. Give yourself a small reward like eating ice cream or watching an episode of your favorite sitcom. This makes it much easier to start your homework the next time as you anticipate the reward.

You can use these five tips to complete your homework faster than ever before. If you’re still struggling to complete your homework, seek professional help. Online class takers are experts who complete your assignment for you. Reach out to Take My Online Class Now and ask, “Can I pay someone to do my online class?” We’ll help you connect with expert tutors who provide you with assistance on your homework at affordable prices.