5 Tips To Create A Productive Study Space

Did you know your study space can motivate you to complete uninteresting tasks like reading assignments and essays and make online learning a pleasant experience? A distraction free zone with good lighting and comfortable chairs is sure to improve your focus and concentration. Here’s how you can create a productive study environment:

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Use Your Study Space For Studying:

Libraries, coffee shops, dorms, etc. are commonly preferred places for studying. Wherever you decide to study, make sure you use the place only for studying; this way, your mind associates the place with studying, thus helping you stay focused. If you put yourself in a place where the goal is ambiguous, you are likely to be easily distracted. Put the phone on silent mode, avoid the internet, and remove all other distractions.

Pay Attention To Lighting In Your Study Area:

The lighting in your study room can affect productivity. Studying under natural light is the best option, but if you only have access to artificial light, make sure it isn’t too bright or dull. Experiment with the lighting in your study space to know what works best for you.

Adjust The Room Temperature:

The right temperature in your room can help you study better. You are less likely to make mistakes and more likely to remember things. So if you have access to the thermostat in your study area, set it to an optimal temperature. If you can’t, then try a different location.

Gather All The Required Materials:

Regardless of where you decide to study, collect all the essential items, including your laptop, notebooks, textbooks, flashcards, pens, and pencils. If you are likely to feel hungry or thirsty while studying, keep some healthy snacks and a water bottle besides you. Don’t forget to keep the laptop charging port handy! Make sure that you have a comfortable chair and desk.

Write Down The Distractions:

While studying, if you can’t get a thought out of your mind, write it down on a piece of paper. This allows you to get back to work quickly. The internet is probably the most significant threat to concentration. So use distraction-free apps to keep yourself productive.

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