5 Tips to Overcome Exam Anxiety in Online Classes

5 Tips to Overcome Exam Anxiety in Online Classes

Exams can be stressful, but knowing that your classmates are experiencing the same emotions can be comforting. Even top students in classes are not immune to test anxiety and stress. These five strategies will help you overcome exam anxiety and focus on doing your best, whether you’re taking online or in-person classes.

Prioritize Time Management

Time management skills are based on how you utilize your time. You will have assignments and projects to take care of, and you need to study for upcoming tests. Write down the exam dates on a piece of paper and stick them on your wall near where you do your classwork. List the topics you need to cover for each test. This list will help you divide your time efficiently to cover everything you need to know for exam day.

Remove All Distractions

Stay away from all distractions during the exam like TV, Netflix, Instagram, and video games. Create a study area that is quiet and comfortable. Seek the support of those you live with during this time to reduce all distractions.

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Group Study or Solo: What Works Best for You

Most students like to study as a group. Study groups allow members to share notes, clarify information, and motivate learning. However, others prefer to study alone in a quiet atmosphere. Choose what works best for you. If you choose to go solo, be firm on not allowing your friends to distract you with phone calls or messages. If you have any doubts or questions, set a dedicated time for them.

Attempt Mock Exams at Home

Attempt Mock Exams at Home

Mock tests are an excellent method to get a sense of what to expect on the exam. They also assist you in understanding how to approach the questions to respond well and keep calm. Attempt to obtain exam question papers or practice tests. These exams will assist you in exercising writing the ideal answers to do your best on test day.

Take Care of Yourself

Many students let their stress and anxiety negatively impact their health. It is essential to eat well, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Fresh air not only refreshes your mind but also aids in the reduction of anxiety. You will not be able to learn as efficiently if you skip meals. On an empty stomach, it’s much harder to concentrate on your tasks. Have a full, healthy meal before you study, and don’t forget to have healthy snacks in between.

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