5 Vital Differences Between A Research Paper And An Essay

Differences Between A Research Paper And An Essay

There are lots of nuances between a research paper and an essay, but the biggest difference is the purpose. While both types of writing should be informative and well-written, a research paper is supposed to be based on research and provide a well-built argument. An essay, on the other hand, is supposed to be a personal opinion piece based on a small amount of research.

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What Is A Research Paper?

A research paper is a document that contains the author’s research on a given topic. It presents the author’s findings in greater detail. It is more formal than an essay, and is typically written in select fonts, with suitable footnotes or endnotes.

What Is An Essay?

An essay is a formal document that presents the author’s opinion on a given topic. An essay may be longer or shorter than a research paper, but it must be argumentative and present the author’s opinion in a clear and convincing manner. An essay doesn’t mention sources or citations, in general.

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Differences In Purpose

A research paper is intended to provide a thorough investigation of a topic and present the findings of the investigation in a formal, academic format. An essay is intended to present the author’s opinion on a topic.

Differences In Format

A research paper is usually longer than an essay and contains more formal language such as citations, footnotes, and endnotes. An essay does not require the use of secondary sources, but it may if the author desires. The style and structure of a research paper differs from that of an essay because of its purpose.

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Differences In Research

Differences In Research

A research paper requires much more intensive and organized research than an essay. An essay can be based on personal opinion, whereas a research paper must be based on factual evidence and supported by reliable sources. The purpose of a research paper is to provide a well-built argument, whereas the purpose of an essay is to present the author’s opinion.

The Sources Used

A research paper must use secondary sources, whereas an essay can be based entirely on the author’s opinion. The sources used in a research paper are trustworthy and provide factual evidence to back up the argument. Secondary sources are used in essays to provide the reader with the author’s perspective on the topic.

Both research papers and essays are academic writings that are assigned to understand a student’s understanding of a subject or topic. A research paper is based on factual evidence, whereas an essay is more argumentative, opinionated, and presents the author’s opinion in a clear and convincing manner.

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