Balancing Work And An Online Course

While flexibility remains the buzzword in the online learning industry, it can be a blessing as well as a curse for students. Most universities allow their students to submit assignments at the end of the term- ironically, 90% of the students don’t begin work until the day before the actual deadline. This is especially true of students who’re managing work and studies. Here’s some practical advice on how to balance work and an online course:

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Pay someone to take my online class:

Can I pay someone to take my online class for me? Yes, you can! In fact, academic assistance services are the worst kept secrets in the online learning platform. You can hire someone to take your online class for you, do your homework, complete your assignments, take tests and quizzes, do discussions, and even send emails to professors for you. This service is ideal for students who have to manage urgent work deadlines, or those who’ve taken up multiple courses simultaneously.

Cut yourself off from social media and other distractions before you sit down to complete an assignment:

Studies indicate that the average attention span of a smartphone using person is around 8 seconds- one second less than that of a goldfish! Another study finds that around 25% of students find it hard to concentrate on a given task. Around 83% of millennials sleep with their smartphone and people spend around 2 hours every day on their smartphone. And another study found out that before smartphones, we went online about 5 times in a day (in longer durations). Today, we do so 27 times in a day (in a much shorter duration)! Need I say more?

Don’t leave things to the last minute:

This one is the most practical, yet the most difficult of all to follow. We all have stories about how the last minute assignment helped you score an A or B. But there are a hundred things that could have gone wrong- your internet connectivity could have slowed, or your computer could have conked off. You were lucky that none of these happened. If you have to leave things to the last minute, make sure you do it well. Hire and pay someone to take my online class for you and rest assured you’ll score good grades.