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Boost My Grade, affiliated with the and domains, has officially been flagged as a potential scam site. We’ve been alerted by repeated complaints by customers, and have issued multiple return-payments that had been secured by Take My Online Class. It has come to our attention that the and are scam sites affiliated with a service out of the Philippines that does not fulfill class help requests.

Background checks suggest that this site has been running the scam since 2012. Verification for the scam and actual performance as a reliable provider are based on:

Our scam report analysis:

  • tallies and analyses the legitimate scam reports against Boost My Grades
  • Customer complaints about Boost My Grades
  • The number of refunds we have issued on the behalf of Boost My Grades, for students who used the Take My Online Class Secured System.

SCAM ANALYSIS (boostmygrade, boostmygrades, boost my grade, boost my grades):

Boost My Grades Online Class Take Scammers ScamBoost My Grades Online Class Take Scammers Scam

  • Ripoff Report Total: 44 reports for boost my grades, boost-my-grade, boostmygrade
  • Customer Complaint Total: 11 reports from actual customers on behalf of Boost My Grades
  • Complaints Board Report: 1 report

TOTAL COMPLAINTS: 56+ scam reports on behalf of Boost My Grades scammers

Reviewer Scam Reports:

boost my grade scam, online class help, take my online classRipoff Report: boost my grades SCAM! Charged me 600.00 – Guaranteed an A. I had to drop class due to D-C grade and late assignments

“I paid 600.00 for a guaranteed A in elementary Statistics. The 1st tutor failed everything…this [second] tutor made B’s and C’s on homework assignment. Not completing several homework. Then he failed a quiz and was late on next quiz…

I asked for my money back and was threatened that they would call my school and tell the school that they did all the workI failed the class. AND GOT NO MONEY BACK FROM THEIR GUARANTEE.

If anyone is interested in a class action suit I would be glad to be apart (and not receive a dime). I would just like to see them get what they deserve! I am an RN with an associates degree and was working on my bachelors. I had a 4.0 in every class but couldn’t understand statistics. is a rip off.”

boost my grades scam

Ripoff Report: Boost My Grades should be called Lower My Grades

“Wanted to see if they are the real deal. Gave all correct information and paid for one test to be completed… The person was unable to login and take the test and with my help they finally gained access and proceeded with the test.

An email on boost my grade said the college site went down and it wan’t their fault. I was asked to give them another chance. The second time, they said the site went down. I know this to be false, the college site was up and running, I was logged in at the same time they were, at no time was the site down. I called the IT dept at the college and confirmed. I am glad that I tested them out on a test that will not make a difference in my grade. Boost my grade should be renamed to lower my grade.

At no time have I been asked about a refund or a rework for another test. My conclusion is to post to as many people and save yourself money and time. The website and people are a fraud, their scam is short lived. Taking down their website will be the next route!”

Boost my grade .com scam


“I just got off the phone with a guy named Adam Richard from Boostmygrades. The call ended with me telling him I will put his site all over the internet if he does not issue me a refund for the work he never did. He said go ahead, you wouldn’t be the first to do that. He also said no one ever reads this stuff and if they do he just tells them its someone who is mad at him or a competitor. I am sharing this info with anyone who is smart enough to do their due diligence before dealing with this company…

I see in the last month (boostmygrades is only a month or two old according to godaddy) this site is starting to get quite the reputation as the premier site to get ripped off when you seek for help with your class. I can’t even believe I put my login info on the site its not even secure. All it takes is for a school to subpoena Godaddy and then they have evidence I cheated… I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Boost My Grades Online Class Take Scammers Scam

Ripoff Report: Boost My Grades outsources to all Chinese tutors.
“I signed up for this one class with boostmygrades because the school was deaf to my concerns. Boostmygrades promised English-speaking, American tutors that I could call up anytime I had a problem. As soon as I signed up, phone communication vanished and the tutor I was set up with was named John Smith and was clearly from China. He could not speak English and could not answer my questions and left all of the essay questions blank
He must have been Google translating everything else because he was averaging about 65s on all the tests…
I tried to get a refund, but they said that was against their policy and the tutor had already been paid.”

Complaints Board Report: boost my grade scam complaints Scam – Indian Based Company

“I ordered an online class from this company [Boost My Grades]….I went with this company not knowing that the quality of work was horrible

When you try to get your money back, you can’t. The workers are all from India

Buyer beware.

Below, our 5-point grading system of safety when dealing with an online class taking site. Here, we grade the Boost My Grades overall service for five major points of safety that you should always be watching when deciding on an online class provider to ensure your academic success.

  1. Security – FAILED: Boost My Grades has been reported to having a hacked server – students identities and fraudulent data reported to universities on multiple accounts.
  2. Refundability – FAILED: Multiple clients have complained of Boost My Grades refusal to refund for non-service.
  3. Grade Guarantee – FAILED: Boost My Grades does not meet the grades they commit to, and refuses to refund money when the client was promised an A.
  4. Plagiarism Checks – PASSED: Boost My Grades does not plagiarize, when they do turn in their homework. However, their foreign tutors make for completely unreadable papers when they actually do the work.
  5. Overall Fulfillment of Service – FAILED: Boost My Grades does not fulfill their promise of American-based service, English-speaking tutors, Availability of Service, Grade fulfillment, or Client Security. Online Class Help customers have discovered repeatedly that Boost My Grades does not fulfill service requests. Grades and deadlines are repeatedly missed at the beginning of the semester upon securing a customer’s login ID and password, and the transaction of payment.



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