Can Older Adults Take Up Online Learning

Online education is for everyone. There are no age restrictions. People who are willing to learn at an old age can transform their lives and become more successful at home and work. Nearly 60% of older adults are committed to completing their degree program. They are well-motivated and have clear goals, and are more likely to understand the value of an education.

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Comparison of adults and older adults in an online education:

• Nearly, 8 out of 10 adult learners quit their online class midway. Some fail to balance their job and studies. Some drop out because of overwhelming schedules, minimal encouragement, time constraints, and vague goals. They may fail to enhance their professional skills. Unlike younger students, older adults know what skills that a company needs, what do hiring managers look for, how they judge a candidate, and how will be the selection process, etc. They also have relevant work experience that might lead them to a potential interview or a job offer.

• Pursuing an online degree program requires a disciplined attitude. Older students are well-motivated, less distracted, and better focused on their studies than younger adults.

• Adult learners struggle to balance their work, studies, family life, and other personal commitments. Older students are good at managing time with their course tasks and job along with their family members. Poor time management skills will undermine the teen’s confidence and make it difficult to pursue a course further.

Older students are a role model for younger people. Johann Wolfgang Goethe, a German writer, said, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” So, start now! The opportunities to grow are incredible.

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