Don’t Get Tricked by Online Scammers! A Take My Online Class Exclusive

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Con artists have made a living for centuries, without media, TV or internet. Historically, there’s one simple reason people get scammed, both online and in real life: the one big mistake within their control is the ability to ask the right questions.


How can we best apply this wisdom to people who take your online classes? These companies are not exactly certified by the Better Business Bureau – how do we watchdog them? Know which questions to ask to protect yourself, since the BBB can’t do it for you. Take My Online Class has compiled the following criteria – keep yourself safe by doing the following background check on your class takers!


Here is our Top 5 checklist to make sure you don’t get scammed:






1. Are they a major business?


Popular online services have a product and therefore, an obligation that’s been fulfilled by past and current clients. In other words, they did not become big services by not providing the service they offer.


Check out our Top 10 List to discover the major businesses that Take My Online Class recognizes as the most used, and therefore, most likely to perform for you.


2. What is the payment process like? 


NEVER work with a company that requires you to pay in full, in advance of service. When a company or individual takes your online class, there are many benchmarks for them to pass. Make sure your payment corresponds with grade benchmarks – as your quizzes, homework and exam grades are met, you can see if the company is doing their job.


3. How legit are they? 


Only work with companies that operate from a company domain name. Anonymous services that correspond via an “@gmail” or “@yahoo” account are untraceable and ultimately, not responsible for their performance, be it not taking your class at all, selling your information, or negligently failing your grade.



3. Do they offer a service guarantee?


To protect yourself, you must get a grade guarantee. Taking your online class is a long process for a responsible company, not an amateur, so it’s essential that you know what type of grade you’re getting for the price you’re paying.


4. How can I pay?


Only work with a group that accepts payment by major credit/debit card. Your only chance of a full refund is a chargeback. This is the only guaranteed way to get a large portion of your funds back if things don’t work out.


5.  Where are they from?


Don’t stray from US-based service. We really cannot stress this enough. Your domestic credit card/bank is not going to be able to dispute the payment and force the company to return your money to you if you have made an international transaction. Be wary of making payments where US laws do not apply.


Take My Online Class has developed a process to eliminate the scam and swindle potential from Online Class Taking Service Providers.

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