Ep 2 – Top Tips to Avoid Class Help Scams!


Are you interested in paying someone to take your online class for you? Don’t get scammed. In this video, Isaac reveals the top 3 ways to make sure that you don’t get scammed when you’re dealing with an online class help provider. 


  1. ALWAYS make sure you can speak to the company on the phone
  2. Make sure they are US-based/English speakers!
  3. Always use a credit card – it’s the only way you can guarantee a refund if you do get scammed


When you hire a company to get you a grade, make sure they have a grade guarantee policy. If the company can’t guarantee a grade, and won’t promise  you a refund if they bomb your class, then they’re probably not trustworthy.


We’ve already done background checks on our providers, so when you choose one of our preferred options, you will be guaranteed a grade at takemyonlineclassnow.com.