Five Tips To Get Better Scores On Multiple-Choice Tests

Better Scores On Multiple-Choice Tests

Does your heart start racing when you take a multiple-choice quiz? Are you always nervous that you might have chosen the wrong answer? Do you begin to sweat and read the choices over and over, looking for a clue?

We’ve got your back. Use these five tips to ace multiple-choice questions on your tests and boost your grades.

#1: Read The Question Several Times

Read each question carefully before you review the options. Make sure that you’re absolutely sure of what the question asks. Underline keywords like NOT as they change the meaning of the question. Students often skim the question and jump straight to the choice they think is the most logical. This is a huge mistake and can cost you precious points.

#2: Answer The Question Without Looking At The Options

This is undoubtedly the best way to answer multiple-choice questions. Hide the choices and figure out the answer on your own. Compare the solution you have worked out with the given options. Bingo, if you can find it listed among the available choices. You have solved the question correctly.

#3: Eliminate The Incorrect Options

If you cannot deduce the answer on your own, you can use the elimination strategy. Strike off options unrelated to the question or the entirely off ones. Reread the question and try eliminating again. Hopefully, you’ll be left with one choice; that is probably the correct answer.

#4: Attempt All Questions

Attempt All Questions

Don’t waste your time on a challenging question. Mark the question, and you can come back to it later. This gives your brain a break, and you can focus on tackling other problems without wasting too much time stuck on one question.

Try solving the question on your second attempt. Even if you don’t know the answer, make an intelligent guess by eliminating the other choices. Remember, by answering all the questions, there is a chance you might get it right. If you leave a question unmarked, you are guaranteed no marks for it. However, if the test has a negative marking system for wrong answers, it’s better to skip questions that you aren’t sure of.

#5: Focus On Time Management

Before you begin the test, take a look at how many questions there are and divide your time accordingly. For example, there are 50 questions, and you’ve got one hour to complete the test. Allocate one minute for each question and use the remaining ten minutes to review your work or attempt challenging questions.

Multiple-choice tests might appear easy, but they can be tricky. Use these five-learning strategies to work your way through the test analytically and improve your scores.

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