How It Works

There are literally hundreds of services offering to take my online class for high school, undergraduate and graduate-level students. Most of those sites are scammers, swindlers or foreigners who barely grasp English and will bomb your course. We exist to help you find the best sites and prevent getting scammed.

Benefits of our Site

Sites that offer to take your online class must meet our specialized criteria for legitimate business:

  • Guaranteed results with our recommendation. What does that mean? You get an A or B (or whatever passing grade you agreed upon), or your money back. We ONLY recommend the companies that back their service with a refund policy.
  • Speedy shopping: With us, you can get competitive rates from the leading sites in 60 seconds or less. We’ll even clue you in on promotions and discounts running for each site, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Side-by-side pricing: think of us as the travel-comparison site for class-taking. We line up the prices and benefit comparisons of each provider, so that you can tailor your search to your needs. Last-minute essay? Long-term class? We’ll let you know who does what better, at the lowest rate possible.
  • Negotiating a Good Deal: our advisers negotiate your deal for financing low monthly payments and make sure you don’t get swindled on courses that are easier for pros to pass (Math versus English)
How it works:

We act as a broker for your GPA. We ONLY work with legitimate professionals, and negotiate the best prices with the top sites for education and class-taking help. You check out the service provider, and we hold your money in escrow until you get your grades back. The company does not get paid until you have the grade you were promised. If you don’t get the desired grade, you get your money back.

  1. Compare the dealers online. Get pricing within 60 seconds.
  2. Sign up! We’ll shave some dollars off the initial price for your course to get you the best price with the dealer you selected.
  3. Once agreed on a number, we’ll talk logistics. Term, flexible due dates and payments.
  4. We’ll hold your money in escrow until you get the grade you were promised. If not, you easily get your money back with no risk of losing your investment.
How We Rank Sites:
  • Domestic Sites: If a site is based in the US, it is less-likely to be a scammer site, and consequently offer domestic service. Familiarity is key for a business to take your online classes and passing them.
  • Security: Secure servers guarantee the privacy of your data, login details, and location will not get flagged by accredited institutions and online servers. That way, when professors get nosy and ask,”who is taking my online class?” they don’t discover some random guy in Bangladesh logging in with your ID.
  • Professionalism: Want a class taken by a professional? We gauge quality by establishing that a professor or expert from each online class taking service is putting in individual hours on your course, not just an unqualified student.
  • Credibility: We broker the deal, so we know which courses wind up with a better grade.
  • Expense vs. Results: We know which class-takers offer the most gpa for your spent dollar. We can calculate a level of risk percentage for how often a class has gotten a student a lower GPA than guaranteed.
  • Financing and Affordability: Can’t pay in one lump sum? Who can? We can find pros who will do the work for your price, AND finance you. You can also back out if they start doing badly in the course, and get a full refund.
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