How Teachers Can Make Online Classes More Engaging

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Teachers often complain that students don’t show up for classes, don’t submit assignments on time, and lack interest during online classes. But think about it: Continuously staring at a virtual portal can make learning online boring. In fact, many online students wonder: “Is it better to pay someone to take my online class?” Teachers must get creative when they want to keep their students engaged during online classes. Here are some tips teachers can use to make classes fun, engaging, and less repetitive.

1. Break Down Lectures

Students will usually pay attention for up to 30 minutes, so learning online will become difficult if they have to sit through multi-hour lectures. Break lectures down into shorter segments so students can understand course content easily. Asking questions or giving tasks that are based on the lecture at the end of each section will keep students engaged.

2. Become Tech Savvy

Online classes are centered around technology. Teachers must know how to use virtual portals, and they should get creative when creating engaging online course content. Use slides, animations, reference videos, and images to help students learn. Tailor content so it’s agreeable to a variety of student learning styles. Teachers must also know how to use the applications that create coursework and exams. In short, without tech skills, running an online class will be a huge challenge.

3. Conduct Online Learning Activities
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Teachers must ensure students have opportunities to interact with one another during classes. Hosting online games, live chat sessions, and/or discussions will promote engaging interactions. Apart from those, peer-review writing tasks and brainstorming sessions will also encourage students to learn from each other.

4. Create Groups to Keep Students Connected

Encourage students to create WhatsApp or social media groups so they can share course materials with each other. These academic-based groups can also be great for relieving student stress. Students can clarify questions and bounce doubts off each other.

5. Reward Your Students

Rewarding students is an effective way to ensure engagement in your online class. If a student has performed well, reward him/her with a digital sticker, give out an e-book, or send a small gift. This token of appreciation will show students you care about their engagement.

The Bottom Line

The 2020 pandemic has caused the education sector to change in many ways. Now, individuals are calling for new, innovative teaching methods that can keep students engaged with online courses. After all, when learning becomes a dull experience, students are inclined to get help from online class takers.