How to Regulate Your Sleep Cycle for Academic Success

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain which regulates our circadian rhythm. It signals our eyes to sleep. When the brain signals the body to release melatonin, it makes one feel tired. Bright white light exposure, all day and night, confuses your head and can interrupt your sleep cycle. With a sleep-deprived mind, you become sluggish, and you lose all energy to perform your daily tasks. Here we provide you with the do’s and don’ts for a smooth and regular circadian rhythm:

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• Expose Your Eyes to Bright Light During Daytime:

Sunlight exposure gives you energy and drives away sleep. Shift your study space to lawn or balcony during the daytime. If you find it difficult you can hire class help online by calling us and asking, ‘Can someone take my online class for me?’

• Avoid Blue Light in The Evening:

The light emitted from laptops and mobile can deteriorate your sleep. So, take printouts of study materials and use them during evening studies. You can use anti-glare, blue filter spectacles or block blue light in your mobile and laptop while using them.

• Avoid Long Daytime Naps:

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Reading and researching make you tired. You will want to take a long nap. Avoid these temptations. Naturally, you may feel sluggish after a heavy lunch. If avoiding a nap is impossible, then hire our online class takers for timely assistance.

• Wake-up and Sleep at Routine Time Daily:

Set your alarm. Use a smartwatch to alert you to sleep and wake up early in the morning. Stick to the same time so that it becomes a routine for your brain. You can be a morning person or a night-owl, but when it comes to studies, be a regular and punctual person.

• Recollect What You Learned Before Sleep:

Every day before you go to sleep, recollect what you have learned that day. Create a to-do list for tomorrow. Set aside a few minutes to relax. You can listen to music, read a few pages from your favorite book, paint or draw, etc. Your favorite hobby will soothe your mind and let you sleep calmly.

If you still find it too difficult, call us and ask, ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class for me?’ Read our previous blog, ‘How To Improve Your Learning Habits As An Online Student’ and improve your opportunities for success.