How To Write An Academic Essay?

Writing an essay can be quite daunting for many people, but you can make it easier by following certain rules and formats. If your writing skills are average, here’s how you can make them extraordinary.

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Title And First Sentence Of Your Essay

Make sure that your title and first sentence of the essay aren’t generic. They need to be eye-catching and appeal to the audience. You only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention. Use the next few sentences to give away the most relevant information about the essay.

Expand Your Language Skills

Learn some new words and use them creatively. For example, avoid starting your sentences with common words like I, Our, or However. But do not use words unless you are sure of the usage – you may end up sounding shallow, or worse, funny!

Formulaic Structure

The perfect formula for an academic essay is four to five paragraphs, composed of – one intro paragraph, two to three body paragraph, and one conclusion paragraph.

• The introduction paragraph containing the background information introduces a question you want the essay to answer. It’s the overview of the main supporting points.

• A body paragraph should be used to develop some line of reasoning towards answering the question.

• Concluding paragraph summarizes everything. You may even pose a new question to the reader.

How To Present A Thesis?

As explained above, a thesis answers to a question. The structure of a thesis is as follows:

• Use the introduction paragraph to present the thesis

• Body paragraph develops an argument

• Use the concluding paragraph to restate the thesis in different words

Things To Remember While Writing An Academic Essay

• Ensure that the grammar and vocabulary are 100% correct.

• Each paragraph should be unique and meaningful.

• Every sentence should have a purpose.

• Start your body paragraph with the strongest argument and end with the weakest one.

• The last sentence of the paragraph should always have a hook to the first sentence of the following paragraph. Make use of the transition words to link between the paragraphs.

• Add a counter argument in the third body paragraph. It shows that you are intelligent enough to understand the other side of the issue.

• Last but not the least, read the requirements for the essay and follow them.

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