How To Write An Essay That Earns An A Or B?

An essay is a piece of concise writing that defines, describes, argues or analyzes a subject. Although, it may sound like a regular academic paper, it is essential to understand that both aren’t exactly the same. Usually, the average essay tends to be around five paragraphs long and can be written on a single page while a paper is usually a minimum of three pages and covers a lot more content. Now that we distinguish the difference between academic papers and essays, let’s delve into the essay writing elements.

General Essay Writing Tips

The Outline Of An Essay:

The essay is built from three core parts; introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.


The introduction presents the subject of conversation to the audience and describes the overall purpose. It will consist of three elements; a hook, an establishment of main points, and a thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs:

These are the most important part of any essay. They are the longest and contain arguments to support your thesis. Usually, when writing an essay, each body paragraph is made up of four elements which include the opening sentence claim, evidence, and the concluding sentence. After getting through the body of your essay, you will need to wrap things up in conclusion.


Generally the conclusion has three main components which include a restatement of the thesis, summaryof main points, and an overall concluding statement.

Essay Writing Process:

1. To start your essay off with a spark, begin your introduction with a hook statement to catch the reader’s attention. Afterwards, present background information to provide context and eliminate any early confusion for the reader. Lastly, present the thesis statement that you have come up with.

2. After getting through your intro, it is time to write the body of your essay. This is the area that covers all the main information. So your paragraph count will depend on the number of arguments or points you have prepared. Most likely you will have between three to five body paragraphs.

3. After getting through your body paragraph, we are left with the conclusion. Summarize your main points from the bodyparagraphs.

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