How To Write An Excellent 500-Word Essay

How To Write An Excellent 500-Word Essay

In virtually every college class, students are expected to write essays. Also, students are usually expected to write an essay when applying for a scholarship. Use these tips so you can write a great essay in your online class:

Points To Keep In Mind When Writing An Essay

Use Professional & Academic Words

If you want your professors to take your essay seriously and award you the best grade, then you’ve got to choose the right words. Avoid using informal words like “something”, “probably”, “anyway”, and “pretty”, as these words aren’t suited for academic writing. You can use an online thesaurus when you need to improve your vocabulary; it’ll help you choose the right words. With that said, avoid overcomplicating the essay with complex/archaic words. The paper should sound professional and academic, but it shouldn’t be so technical that it’s unreadable.

Present Arguments Properly

The purpose of a 500-word essay is to convince the reader of your point of view. Using the right words alone is not sufficient. You need to employ logical reasoning and avoid logical fallacies to get your points across. Structure your essay so it’s easy for the reader to follow your thoughts without much effort.

Write Now, Proofread Later

Successful writers recommend taking a nap before proofreading. When you have spent hours working on your essay, it’s difficult to edit it objectively. So, you need to clear your mind by taking a nap or doing something you love. Then proofread your article later with a fresh mind. You can even get the help of a family member when you need someone to proofread your work. Having an extra set of eyes to spot mistakes will prove helpful.

Avoid Redundancy

You have just 500-words, so you don’t want to waste them by repeating your points. Avoid redundant phrases like “there is”, “there are”, “such as” etc. Use online tools like Grammarly or Hemingway editor to help you; these tools will spot these mistakes and make your sentences stronger and more to the point.

Use Powerful Verbs

Verbs are action words that add power to your sentences. When choosing verbs, make sure you use strong words that’ll get your point across. For example, you can use “assist” instead of “provide help” and “participate” instead of “take part”. It’s also a good idea to avoid passive sentences, as they can make your essay sound weak.

Create An Outline

Before you start writing down your thoughts, create a rough outline that’ll act as the backbone for your paper. You should use the outline to break down your ideas into a coherent structure. If you do so, you’ll be able to present your facts coherently and without rambling.

Impress With A Strong Introduction

Impress With A Strong Introduction

The introductory paragraph is the most critical part of your essay. When writing an introduction, try to include a hook that catches the reader’s attention. Use the hook to introduce the main topic, and then follow this with a quick summary of what the reader will encounter in the rest of the essay. The introduction paragraph should end with a thesis statement which summarizes the whole paper.

Include An Impressive Conclusion

The last part of the essay is the conclusion. It usually starts by restating the introductory thesis statement, and then the critical points that were analyzed in the body paragraphs are summarized. When writing the ending, don’t just restate the introduction. Instead, provide crucial insight that relates to the main point of the essay.

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