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Are you tired of being a broke, with no time to earn money, spend time with your family, or finally get some R&R? You’re in luck! Our pricing is flexible, and our service exists to make sure services work with you for an easy rate, in affordable installments. Click one of the following options to tell us about your class needs and get a quote within 60 seconds! 


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How does it work? Each business updates Take My Online Class with their latest prices, and we give you the lowest rates to be expected from each of the major, legitimate businesses within the Academic Success Industry. Once we’ve thoroughly audited their financing offers, charges, and success rates, so you can know what kind of pricing to expect, and whether or not the business you’re interested in is worth entrusting with your college degree. 


We do a full audit on each business to let you know what quality of work to expect, whether or not they guarantee their work, their success rates, and can even help negotiate your pricing and grades to ensure that you get the GPA you need when you graduate! 


Are you one of the legitimate businesses in the Academic Success Industry, interested in getting your business on Take My Online Class? Submit your information to us for a full audit of your performance! We will rate your site among the other major players and let you know what you can do to improve your scores. Our submission process can be completed through the “Sign Up” form available here>>