Is It Good To Enroll In Multiple Online Classes

Online education is all about individualized learning. Students have to study and understand on their own. E-learning improves a student’s strengths and minimizes weakness. But nearly 10 out of 8 students register for more than one online course, but only a few of them manage to succeed. Others quit midway as they cannot cope with all their online class assignments.

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For example, if Alia enrolled in two online courses, namely Calculus(say, A) and Algebra(say, B).

For her,

• It is hard to cope with A and B if both the course have the same scheduling times.

• It is hard to complete A and B assignments on time.

• While doing homework, she may get confused about both the A and B concepts.

• She may do B homework with the intention of doing A assignment in mind.

• She doesn’t get time to relax.

Students also post comments interchangeably during forum discussions. Some fail to keep up with their homework assignments. Some struggle with their course assessments when there is a lack of guidance, especially a delay in getting an answer from the instructor. They often end up asking, ‘can someone take my online class for me.’ Therefore, stay focussed on one course. It is not advisable to enroll in more than one course.

The 24×7 access to the course material, zero commute, time and location flexibility tends students to opt for online education. But it is an inept learning environment for dependent learners, apathetic students, and procrastinators. E-learning actually requires personal discipline. Indeed, it’s difficult to stay motivated and to manage the time effectively when taking multiple online courses.

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