Lessons Learnt From My Online Course


With more than 8 hours spent every day before the computer, it only made sense that I choose the online route to complete a certificate course in Java programming. And at the end of the course term, I’m convinced about the idea of eLearning. But it is challenging as well. For those who’d like to take up online learning, here are a few pointers to help you:


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Online Learning Is Flexible- But This Can Be a Boon And A Curse As Well:


Most universities allow students to complete their assignments and projects at the end of the semester. But despite the leeway, most students end up submitting their projects on the last day of the deadline. And if you are a compulsive procrastinator like me, a few minutes before deadline! The more flexible, the program, the more likely are your chances of procrastinating.


Online Learning isn’t Cheap:


At least good courses from reputable universities aren’t. A typical online course can easily set up back a few thousand dollars. Hence, make sure that you sort out the financials at the outset.


Online Learning Needs Self-control:


It takes a lot of self-control to stop yourself from switching off the smartphone, or logging off from social media before studying. Not to mention other distractions like television, guests, family, etc.


Online Learning Need Not Be a Lonely Journey:


Contrary to what people like to believe, most courses encourage students to interact with their peers. This is usually done through discussion boards and group projects. Besides, interacting with peers also helps students stay on track with the latest news and actively seek homework help.


Online Learning Assignments Can Be Done With Help From A Professional Tutor:


Professional tutors offering homework help can complete your assignments and projects on time. They can ensure that you never have to fail your grades or miss deadlines.