Living On Campus? The Pros and Cons

taking online and offline classes



Are you taking offline classes in addition to your online coursework? It can be a huge choice to make, whether or not you should live on-campus or off.  There are many factors that go into this big decision and it’s important to weight the benefits/negatives. So here they are, the pros and cons of living on campus:













  • Getting involved on campus is SO much easier if you live on campus
  • Live near/with your friends
  • College lifestyle (this can also be a con)
  • Work for the college if you don’t have a better job already, though they often have good flexibility and benefits
  • Minimal commute/saves gas
  • Free access to internet, resources, labs, library, professors, etc. 
  • Not living with your parents. No matter your age, hell yes!
  • Meet with professors more frequently 
  • Get priority with your advisers, Deans, career planners, etc.




  • Very little privacy. Get used to it!
  • Sharing laundry, or getting your laundry done in public. 
  • Limited kitchen facilities, if any
  • Most likely losing your housing during holiday breaks
  • Restrictions on parties, drinking, etc.
  • College lifestyle (this can also be a pro)
  • Sharing with roommates & their drama
  • Listening to your roommate have sex (yeah)
  • Sharing the shower/bathroom
  • Having a roommate you don’t get along with