Online Courses Provide a Challenge to College Education

State of MOOCs: how free online college learning challenges higher education in online courses


We recently discovered an intriguing article from Technically Philly on MOOCs. These Mass Online Courses are just one way that Take My Online Class has noticed a major change in the education industry. Academics view online courses with apprehension. Nevertheless, the convenience of graduating with an online degree, and the popularity of doing so has only improved students’ abilities to be successful in a university setting.


Universities across the country are implementing Massive Open Online Courses and providing students, as well as the general public, with low cost, often free, access to their educational resources. Like the print news industry in the 1990s, the question is whether this inevitable and exciting step toward wider access will disrupt higher education in unforeseen ways.


The MOOC movement is rapidly bringing more college courseware, video lectures and other materials online from universities across the country. In many cases, there is no enrollment cost. The only criteria for enrollment in a class is a working Internet connection.


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