Online Test Taking Tips to Earn Your Degree with Top Grades

Test taking is a valuable skill. It is essential to learn exams techniques and strategies to become successful in your academic career. Want to know how to plan for your exams and make sure you tackle all of the reading and note taking in time? Here are a few steps to earn the best possible grades for your next online exams. Let’s get started.

Earn Your Degree with Top Grades

Be Prepared

No test-taking strategy will help you if you haven’t studied. If you haven’t reviewed prior to the test or don’t know the test material, these tips cannot help you. You must understand that preparation is key. Focus on topics that are difficult to understand. Have a solid understanding of concepts, and make sure to spend time honing your test-taking skills.

Read the Questions

Read the Questions

There have been probably many times when you missed the word “not” in the question. For multiple choice questions, it is important to read and pay attention to negatives like “least likely/most likely.”

Write Out the Formulas

If you have formulas or concepts you need to memorize for the exam, write them out on a piece of paper as soon as the exam starts. Relying on memory alone will leave you frustrated. Having this handy makes it easier and will give you confidence. Some of the examples include math formulsa, acid/base equations, amino acid structures, etc. Whatever formula or equation you need to stop and think about, if you think it might show up on the test, it may be worth writing it down as soon as the exam starts.

Pace Yourself

Be mindful of the time you’re allotted for the exam. Knowing how much time you’ll have depends on the type of exam. A good rule is that you should be done with a little more than half the exam when half the time is over. For instance, if your exam includes 60 questions that should be completed within 2 hours, you should at least manage to finish 35-40 questions by the time the first hour has passed. Completing the test a couple of minutes earlier gives you enough time to revise and review. If you’re unable to complete this on time, hire class help online to manage your exams. We are a leading academic provider offering high-quality help to online students. Call us to ask – ‘Can you take my online class for me?’ Our tutors can help with essays, homework projects, term papers, projects, final exams, and much more.


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Mark the questions you’re unsure about and circle back at a later time. Don’t waste time reading a difficult question over and over. If you give it a couple of tries and you know in your heart you don’t know the answer, then it might be better to move on and answer questions that you have a chance of getting it right. This is especially helpful for multiple choice exams where all the questions carry an equal number of points. If you think that you might run out of time or if the test is computer generated, pick the most likely answer before moving on to the next question.

These tips should help most online students improve their marks, but there will still be those who find it difficult to get through their exams. If you’re one among them, call us to ask – ‘Can you take my online class for me?’

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