Our Story

When the world economy crashed in 2008, thousands of students’ grades suddenly tanked due to the added pressure of needing to work while attending college. Many hard-working students, adult professionals and parents were forced to turn to foreign class-taking services to try to salvage their grades in classes they simply no longer had time to study for. These un-trackable scammer services are also unaccountable: they have stolen countless dollars and good grades from many students in need. 


A group of college professionals decided to help students survive the tough education system, so that working students would no longer fall prey to false companies GPA scams, and could safely emerge from college with high grades and competitive resumes. Take My Online Class holds scammers accountable, and offers students the chance to find a good service, so that they can still be competitive when they graduated in these unpredictably difficult modern times.  


Life is unpredictable. Our goal:


We help students beat the unnecessary pitfalls of meeting the requirements at modern American universities. By using Take My Online Class, you have security: you can compare prices and shop for a good company that is guaranteed to get you the grade you want in your class, quiz, test, exam, essay, or any assignment you choose to take with one of the companies we recommend.



Everyone needs a backup plan when life gets tough. Take My Online Class has a long record of successful class-taking help for students who do not want to let a potential bad grade in a tough course ruin their GPA. Students at accredited universities, both online and offline, go to TakeMyOnlineClass.com to find professional, original work to turn in to their professors.


“After missing the drop/add deadline, and needing a full-time job to make ends meet, I set about looking for someone that would accommodate my busy lifestyle and be sympathetic to the fact that I had so many deadlines to meet in such a short time. I am thrilled to have found something even better. Take My Online Class recommended an American company that does everything, they take the time to explain everything to me, and makes sure I don’t have to keep track of the deadlines. Now I know I’ll reach my academic goals.” -Ashley S.