Planning for an Engineering Degree?

Engineering is for people who have a practical bend of mind. If you’re planning to become an engineer, here are a few things you should know:

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What Can You Expect?

There are several branches of engineering. Some of the popular ones include:

Civil Engineering:

A civil engineering degree teaches you on how to apply the concepts to design structures. You can also learn about surveying and managing project sites.

Mechanical Engineering:

As the name suggests, mechanical engineering is about manufacturing. The course involves designing, production, and machine operations. The subject helps you develop, build, and test devices using mechanical tools and engines. The program focuses less on theory and more on engineering principles. By learning, you can develop your creative, problem-solving, and mechanical skills.

Electrical Engineering:

This branch of engineering mainly deals with electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. It includes design, development and manufacturing of electrical components. Students pursuing the course come across a wide range of components right from microchips to huge power generators. The subject requires an in-depth understanding of the electrical and mathematical concepts.

Chemical Engineering:

This field of chemical engineering includes both life science and physical science with economics and math. Chemical engineers design, build and operate chemical plants and machines to produce plastics, petrochemicals, medicines, etc. It plays a significant role in systems that depend upon chemical reaction.

Aeronautical Engineering:

This popular course teaches both theoretical and practical knowledge about designing, developing and operating spacecrafts, aircrafts, missiles, etc. Students also study about aerodynamic performance and construction.

Skills Gained:

Learning a course in engineering will help you acquire:

Technical Skills

Practical Skills

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills

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