Planning To Take Up A Double Major Degree?

Pursuing two disciplines at the same time has its advantages. But before you choose double majoring, here’s what you should to know:

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What Is A Double Major?

Getting a double major implies that you’re pursuing two disciplines simultaneously, i.e. you get to list them both on your resume. For instance, if you double major in history and literature, your degree would read, Bachelor of Arts with majors in History and Literature.

Getting a double major is easier said than done. You will have to work harder than others.

Why Choose A Double Major?

Why do you need a double major? Is it likely to help you in your profession? Are you doing this out of interest? List down the reasons you’d like to pursue a dual degree.

Ask Yourself Why Not To Choose?

Do you have the time or the means to pursue a double major? What are the challenges you are likely to face?

Speak To Your Counsellor

After you sort the “whys from the why-nots”, talk to your faculty advisor. You will need an approval from the management. Your counsellor can guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing double majors in their college.

Get Advice From Seniors

Talk to students who are currently pursuing a double major. What is their experience? How do they manage the workload? Are there any real benefits of pursuing a double major?

Analyze Your Decision

Will you have enough time to relax and take part in other college activities when doing a double major? What are the things you will have to sacrifice? What will be your experience in the academic year?

Who Can Double Major?

Apart from specific areas of study, a double major degree doesn’t always increase employment opportunities. It depends on one’s personal preferences and career path. Every student needs to measure the advantages and disadvantages of doing a degree in two different disciplines. Those who are anxious to broaden their horizons can take up a double major.

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