Reasons Students Struggle with MyMathLab

As the world’s leading online program for teaching and learning mathematics, MyMathLab delivers homework, assessment, quizzes, tutorials and multimedia resources specifically for students. Instructors check out student’s work and problem-solving process to gauge their level of understanding. Workspace Assignments assist students to work through an exercise step-by-step and display their mathematical reasoning as they progress. However, there are many cases where students have preemptively dropped the course out of frustration due to the poor user interface design and incorrect computing of MyMathLab homework answers.

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Insufficient material:

Students argue that most of MyMathLab’s videos only cover basic concepts even if there is a demand for more videos on advanced materials. “MyMathLab” has also been criticized for wording problems in a way that students cannot easily understand.

Time management issues:

Educators, as well as students, face problems with the platform, which comes loaded with errors. The User Interface is very basic, and it takes multiple clicks and several page loads to do simple things like extending deadline of an assignment for a student. Students sometimes cannot complete their homework because of software fault and end up not getting credit for the hard work they put in.

Incorrect answers:

Many students are concerned with the bad coding due to which correct MyMathLab homework answers are marked wrong. The inefficiency, in turn, creates a lot of problems for the student in the learning and practicing process.

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Complex Assignments:

Homework assignments are sometimes complex and difficult to understand. Therefore the students struggle to complete challenging homework assignments on time, leading to low grades.

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