Rise Of Self-Paced Learning: 2016

Self-paced learning is becoming more and more popular with students preferring to take classes over the Internet than in classrooms. This saves them money and offers them flexibility and accessibility not otherwise offered. Students with job and family responsibilities on the side are able to do their work in a timeframe that best suits them, rather than attending classes and failing another one of their commitments.

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What’s great about online classes is that they’re accessible at any time of the day. No longer are students restricted to ordinary lecture hours. Students can sign into the class website at six in the morning before work, or at midnight. They can wear whatever they want and even eat during a lecture, because they are in the comfort of their own home.

This style of learning minimizes the high dropout rate that affects most universities. Students feel comfortable with the self-paced method, because they can decide how much time they need to spend on each topic, re-watching lectures and re-reading discussions as often as they need, and don’t depend on the professor telling them when they can or can’t do something.

In classrooms, students are often anxious to speak up. They don’t want to embarrass themselves by offering an incorrect answer or saying something stupid. Online classes don’t make them feel that way. Discussion happens over chatrooms and discussion boards, distancing students from each other in such a way that stress does not really exist. Got a question for the professor? Just email him/her.

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