These Are Definitely Some Of The Best Ways To Cheat On A Test

Anxiety and fear often compel students to cheat on their exams. Cheating isn’t the same anymore- from writing on desks and carrying bits of paper on you to hiring an expert to take your test, it has certainly evolved. Some of the best ways to cheat on a test include:

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The High Tech Method:

This method needs time, patience, skill, and an accomplice. The cheating student has to attach a second monitor (not visible to the proctor) to his computer. The accomplice takes the test as the (unauthorized) proxy. While multiple choice answers can be relayed through signals, the method works for programming tests as well by using laser pointers or other projection devices behind the test taker’s monitor. But seriously, for the all effort you have to take to pull this off, you could actually prepare for the test.

The Guinea Pig Method:

Students form a group with one student taking the test first. He copies the questions on a Google Doc. Students who partnered with him look at the questions before taking the test. This method isn’t failproof because some online programs disable the copy function. As for the student who was the guinea pig, he gets his chance to score well in the next test.

The Collaborate And Win Method:

Most questions in an online test are sourced from a common question bank that instructors refer to before preparing the paper. This bank has a limited number of questions with a possibility that many of them will be repeated. Students take their test quickly and copy their question on a commonly shared Google Doc. When everyone’s done taking the test, students have their own question bank that can be referred for future tests. Since most online programs allow students to take tests twice and calculate the average of the two, they get to get good grades in the second test. This has to be certainly one of the best ways to cheat on a test, but for one glitch. Online programs do not allow students to copy the paper because the function is disabled.

Our Method:

When you choose us to take your test, you don’t have to do anything. Just call us to give details about the test and pay for the service. Yes, this isn’t free. But you don’t have to waste time on elaborate plans or worry about grades because we promise to earn an A or B.