Top Tips to Keep in Mind While Writing a Great Essay

Top Tips to Keep in Mind While Writing a Great Essay

Essays are a fundamental part of high school and college education. Writing a great essay is essential to getting top grades in your online and offline classes. Thus, an essay has the power to determine the future course of your life.

Students are expected to have good essay writing skills. Writing an excellent piece might seem like a daunting task and remains elusive to a few. However, you could master the art of writing it with a few basics. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you attempt to write a great essay.

Analyze the Essay Prompt or Topic

The first and the most important thing to do while attempting to write an essay is to read and understand the topic or the essay prompt. It helps set the base for your writing as you would know what is expected from the essay and the issue to be resolved. It will also help you arrive at a position and define your argument.


One of the most critical processes of essay writing is brainstorming ideas. It is at this stage that the groundwork is laid. Brainstorming would allow the flow of numerous ideas, from which you can refine what you need. This process would help you decide which ideas you would like to follow.

Make an Outline

At this stage, your essay begins to take shape. It is essential to have a clear structure. You can follow the traditional pattern with introduction, body, and conclusion.

While outlining, it is vital to decide on the thesis statement that is a part of the introduction and a deciding factor of the theme. It is also crucial to determine the paragraph divisions and the subject of each paragraph at this stage.

Make sure that each paragraph is dedicated to a particular idea. Each section should begin with a topic sentence that should bring out the paragraph’s theme.

Cite References

Cite References

It is essential to add quotations from credible and reputable sources to back your argument. If you do not add citations, you will be accused of plagiarism. Hence, it is of immense importance to cite the sources from which you quote or take statistics, facts, or data. Be sure to follow the prescribed citation style.

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Be Original

The originality of ideas and writing style are essential while working on an essay. Do not lose your voice or try to take on someone else’s perspective! Employ a style that is simple and clear. Ensure that you don’t add any superfluous information to lengthen the work.

Proof Read

Once you are done with the first draft, proofread the piece. Make changes if and when necessary. Do not hesitate to proofread multiple times. The more you proofread, the better the essay would turn out to be. Treat the piece as a work of art and improve it as much as possible.

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