Want to Save Money & Graduate Early? Test Out!


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Jay Cross, founder of The Do-It-Yourself Degree, provides an interesting story that should not be overlooked by modern students, struggling to get through online college or university and enter the job market on top.


“I have always believed complaining about college was a waste of time.


No, tuition shouldn’t be outpacing inflation. No, textbooks shouldn’t cost $1,200 per year. And yes, employers should look at what each individual applicant brings to the table, rather than auto-rejecting everyone without a degree.


But here’s why none of that is relevant to YOU:


  1. While it would be nice if these things weren’t true, they most certainly are.
  2. These are all “macro-level” concerns. When you dwell on them, you are wasting precious energy on problems you have no control over. Maybe they would matter if you were King of College, capable of reforming everything tomorrow. Alas, there is no such person — and even if there was, it probably wouldn’t be you.”

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How I Saved $30K and Graduated 1.5 Years Early by “Testing Out”