What Makes Physics Easy To Learn?

Students hate physics because it involves logical and rational thinking. It is neither difficult nor easy to learn. It includes concepts just like other subjects. It requires math to understand the laws. The mathematical part can be confusing if you rely only on memory. Physics is fundamental science which teaches us about how the universe works. Here’s how to learn physics the proper way:

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Understand The Basics:

Learn important theories before you set ahead to master the subject. Only then you can solve problems without memorizing it. Physics involves a lot of laws and principles which you need to recall now and then while applying math to solve problems.

Memorize Basic Constants, Equations, And Symbols:

Physics involves certain constants and many equations and derivatives to relate the forces in the universe. Memorize the basic constants such as Gravitational constant (6.67408 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2), Planck constant (6.62607004 × 10-34 m2 kg/s), Atomic mass constant (1.66053904 × 10-27 kilograms), Avogadro’s constant (6.02214086 × 1023 mol-1), Boltzmann’s constant (1.38064852 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2 K-1), etc.

Some of the important equations are Velocity = Change in position/Change in time (dx/dt), Force = Mass × Acceleration, Acceleration = Change in velocity/Change in time, Power = Change in work/Change in time, Kinetic energy = (1/2) Mass × velocity2, etc. Common symbols include alpha – α, beta – β, ϐ, gamma – γ, delta – δ, epsilon – ε, ϵ, zeta – ζ, eta – η, theta – θ, ϑ, pi – π, ϖ, omega – ω, etc.

Enhance Your Math Skills:

The mathematical parameters used in physics can scare if you aren’t good at numbers. Try to learn math along with physics. It will help you solve problems.

Use Mind Maps:

Mind maps are visual diagrams that capture your conceptual thoughts together in an organized way. Mapping is an effective way to understand the topic better and also paves way for creative thinking.

Make Use Of Flashcards:

Use flashcards to remember equations, symbols, derivatives, units and new terms. Take note of all these concepts structurally by using cards with information on both sides.

These techniques can help you learn Physics at any level with the right understanding. Still, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to hire us. Sign up today to ask – ‘how to ask someone to do my homework for me?’