Why Online Students Should Avoid Multitasking

Why Online Students Should Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is the ability to perform more than one task at a time. It is an essential skill when it comes to time management. However, students should avoid multitasking because it would lead to wastage of time and distraction. If you don’t have the time to focus on your online classes, you may consider hiring online class takers to cover them for you.

Researches show that switching between various tasks affects the learner’s productivity and leads to delay in task accomplishment. Multitasking trends occur more commonly in online learning than in in-person learning. The following are the reasons why you should consider avoiding multitasking.

Decreased Productivity

Online learning gives the students scope to use multiple devices simultaneously. They lose focus while browsing through a variety of content on various devices. They struggle to focus on one task, which leads to decreased productivity. They spend less effort on an important task, which may lead to academic downfall.


Online students have access to the internet via multiple devices. They can quickly get on social media. An inevitable result of multitasking is that students tend to get distracted quickly. With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, students could lose a lot of time watching reels or just by scrolling down aimlessly. Working on one specific task would help them be more focused.

Mediocre Performance

When students do multiple tasks at once, the effort that they put into each task is decreased. They do an average job, as they do not give their 100% to each task. As the effort put in decreases, the performance becomes lackluster. It indicates lesser learning, which may harm their professional life in the future.

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Lack of Creativity

Lack of Creativity

Multitasking affects the free flow of ideas. Students who multitask are noted to be less creative, and they do not put effort into working on their ideas while performing a task. They do not use skills like critical thinking and analytical thinking.

Waste of Time

While many students feel that multitasking would help them save time, it tends to have a contrary effect. The time taken to complete a task while multitasking would be much more than it would take to complete two or more tasks separately. For instance, writing an essay while listening to music would doubtlessly be more time-consuming than staying focused on the essay.

Attention Deficiency

Online learners who multitask find themselves prone to attention deficiency. They have to adjust their attention every time they switch between tasks. Moreover, they will need to shift their focus from one task to another and so forth. It will prove challenging for many students because they cannot pay considerable attention to even one of the tasks.

Consider Online Class Help

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