Why Taking Notes Is Important

Successful people have a lot in common, and one point of commonality is note-taking skills. In fact, a little notebook is the one thing that Sir Richard Branson always carries wherever he goes. Several others, including Bill Gates, Mark Twain, and Leonardo da Vinci, have used note-taking to retain important information. While you’re not required to take notes in life, you may find it extremely beneficial to do so. There are many benefits associated with taking notes, and below we discuss some of these benefits in detail:

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1. Taking Notes Helps You Actively Engage with the Content Being Absorbed

Our online class takers always take notes when they’re reading study materials and assessing students’ assignment requirements. Note-taking helps with understanding; you’re not passively reading or listening but instead engaging with every detail. The human brain can only remember so much, and such is why one must develop a strategy to help themselves retain information. This is what note-taking is in a nutshell.

While writing and typing, you are not only sorting and selecting relevant information but also relating what you take in to preexisting knowledge. In short, you are unconsciously making sense of new information and unfamiliar concepts when you take notes.

2. Taking Notes Helps with Retaining Information

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Preparing for a test is a lot easier when you have high-quality notes. You don’t have to reread an entire textbook or watch an entire lecture to familiarize yourself with a concept. You should review your notes every night so you retain a good grasp on the important information. Most students make the mistake of reviewing their notes the night before an exam; this only makes things difficult because you will have to start from square one. Review notes regularly if a concept is difficult to grasp, that way it stays at the forefront of your working memory.

3. Note-Taking Skills Are Transferrable

Note-taking can help you become an attentive learner. It can also help with communication—you summarize and retain important information and convey it to others so they don’t have to. Humans often have self-inflated views of their own memories, thinking they’re infallible and impervious. If you think you can attend a meeting or conference and remember all the important points in detail, you are wrong! You may probably remember overall ideas, but it’ll be difficult to get the specific details right.

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